7 Jan 2013

No Place for Violence Against Women

Hugh Henry is backing a campaign to end violence against women: “I am told domestic abuse is a very under-reported crime. It happens behind closed doors and is hidden from the world.

“Many of our friends and colleagues could, unbeknown to us, be living in constant fear of the next beating, or torture, or humiliation or mental bullying.

“It’s my job as a politician to help expose wrongdoing and to help make our communities safer, better places. The White Ribbon campaign aims to do that.”

The MSP for Renfrewshire South joined the likes of local author and St Mirren supporter Christopher Brookmyre in supporting the White Ribbon Campaign which works with men to tackle violence against women.

The Labour politician pledged never to commit, condone, or remain silent about men's violence against women in all its forms when the campaign went to Holyrood as part of its 16 days of Action.

He added: “I detest violence of any kind against anyone; it’s the action of a coward.It is estimated that a phone call to report domestic abuse is recorded every 10 minutes in Scotland and that figure is deplorable. This week the Scottish Parliament made it clear that there is no place for violence against women in Scotland. We all have to work together to tackle this problem by challenging negative attitudes, unhealthy stereotypes of masculinity and campaigning to create a society where women are seen equal to men.”

The award winning Barrhead author, Christopher Brookmyre, a former pupil of St Luke’s Hugh school, said: “I am supporting the White Ribbon Scotland campaign because I believe that to live safe and free of fear in one's own home is a basic human right.”

Callum Hendry, Campaign Coordinator of White Ribbon Scotland, said: “It is hugely important that the Scottish Parliament debates violence against women and recognises that this is still an issue in Scotland. The debate showed a clear commitment to not only tackling violence against women, but the inequality which underpins it. I welcome the continued support of the Scottish Parliament and would like to thank all members for their participation”