18 Jan 2013


Scottish Labour has pledged its support for the NUS colleges campaign “Fund Scotland’s Future”. Hugh Henry MSP Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning said:

“Scottish Labour believes that the Scottish Government is damaging college education with its unfair cuts to college budgets. Scotland’s Colleges play a critical role in making sure that young people and those who have to retrain are given the necessary skills to help put this country back on its feet. 

“We all know that Scotland’s colleges do an excellent job in training and equipping young people for the work place, and we need to invest in them now more than ever. 

“The SNP Government needs to admit it got it wrong and reverse the cuts to college budgets before it inflicts further harm on Scotland’s colleges. The Scottish Government has the chance to do the right thing and use the forthcoming budget to reverse this disastrous decision. 

"Otherwise, if these cuts are allowed to stand, thousands of young Scots will have their life chances damaged because of political arrogance and ineptitude; that is why Scottish Labour is backing the NUS campaign to reverse the cuts to colleges in next year’s budget.”