5 Feb 2013

MSP Hugh tells business leaders we’re Better Together

Business leaders got the chance to quiz Renfrewshire South MSP Hugh Henry on the case for Better Together at a special event in Paisley.

The Labour politician was the guest of Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce at an early morning breakfast meeting at Reid Kerr College where he was invited to speak about why Scotland should stay within the UK.

Dozens of businessmen and women from a wide section of the community listened as the Labour politician put forward the reasons why we would be stronger and better as a partner in the United Kingdom

And then the 50 business chiefs got the chance to put Mr Henry on the spot with a variety of questions. Speaking from his office in Paisley he said: “There were a number of concerns being expressed by business about the uncertainty being created by the Referendum debate.

“Alex Salmond needs to give answers to many questions including how a new so-called “sterling zone” would work. What share of the national debt a separate Scotland would inherit and how much of the current rebate would a separate Scotland receive or end up losing?

“There are real and legitimate worries about financial stability and security if Scotland votes for Independence.”

Hugh Henry MSP discusses business with two guests at the
Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting
in Paisley where he spoke to members about why
Labour believe it’s  Better Together

Mr Henry added: “The business community and the general public cannot leave this campaign to the politicians. It isn’t the politicians who will make the decision. It is ordinary Scots and they need to campaign and get involved in making sure they are not involved in supporting a pig in a poke.

“In the Independence Referendum every voice will count. Scotland faces an historic decision given that Independence would be irreversible and there would be no going back. The decision facing us is as great as any in our lifetimes.

“We can have the best of both worlds- a distinctive Scottish Parliament without losing the strength and security of the UK.”

Bob Davidson, Chief Executive of Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce, said: “The event went well and we are grateful to Hugh for coming along to speak about Better Together and then taking questions from our members.”