18 Mar 2013

EIS No Confidence Motion in Russell

Angry college lecturers and staff, exasperated with the way they are being treated by the SNP government, today overwhelmingly passed a motion of no confidence in Education Minister Mike Russell and the Scottish Government.

Dejected members of the EIS finally ran out of patience with the SNP government after witnessing first hand, college budgets being slashed by £50million, 1,200 college staff axed, 121,000 fewer places for students and courses which help get adults back into the labour market cut.

Labour’s Education spokesman, Hugh Henry MSP, said the vote shows that Mike Russell has lost the confidence of college staff.

Mr Henry said: “This vote shows just how serious the situation has become in Scotland’s colleges. They are clearly at the end of their tether with this SNP government.

“They have seen the damage Mike Russell and the SNP Government are doing to further education in Scotland. The deception and betrayal is causing unprecedented anger. What heightened that anger was the sight of SNP members cheering in the Scottish Parliament as the SNP Government cut the college budget.

“College staff no longer have any faith in Mike Russell but sadly it will make no difference because Alex Salmond and Mike Russell are working hand in hand to destroy morale in Scotland’s colleges.

“Normally, when a Minister has lost the confidence of a major part of his portfolio, the right thing is for that Minister to consider whether they should continue. But it is now clear that misleading the Scottish Parliament, the public, students, lecturers and staff as well as damaging our colleges, doesn’t matter to this SNP Government. Mike Russell simply has no shame.”