4 Dec 2014

Recycling success

When I was young, no one had heard of or considered recycling. We simply threw everything in the bin when we were finished with it.  We now know that this is hugely damaging to the planet and that’s why there is such an emphasis on recycling. Families in Barrhead, Neilston and Uplawmoor are playing their part in making sure that East Renfrewshire is setting the pace on recycling with a success rate of 56% of all waste being recycled or composted. That’s the second best record in Scotland. Separating our paper, plastic, glass and cans can be more time consuming but the results show that this is working. There is a financial benefit to council taxpayers by improving recycling. But East Renfrewshire Council, like other Councils, is having to cope with inadequate financial support from the Scottish Government and as a result the Council is having to look at cutting back on services. One option that is having to be considered is the closure of the recycling centre in Barrhead. Its closure could have wider implications. The last thing I want to see is irresponsible fly tipping with waste being dumped all over the place. This could cost more in the long run. I have spoken to my Labour colleagues on the Council about this and I know that they are working hard to come up with an alternative plan.