26 Jun 2015

Hunter Davies

It was fascinating to read Lisa Boyle’s exclusive interview with Edward Hunter Davies, who partied with the Beatles at the height of their fame and got to write the only authorised biography of the Fab Four after spending 18 months living with the superstars. I had no idea the successful journalist, broadcaster and author was born in “The Thorn”. He was back in his hometown for the first time in decades to visit the site of the old Thornhill Maternity where his own story began. I can’t wait to read his next book, The Co-op Sells Bananas, which is going to be about his memories of growing up in the 50’s He hopes to have it finished for his 80th birthday in January and it’s one I won’t miss. Hunter is one of many famous faces with connections to Johnstone. The 4th Prime Minister of Australia – Sir George Houston Reid – was also from Johnstone, a town with a long and proud history and a very positive future.