13 Sep 2015

Let’s work together for Renfrewshire’s children

Last week the Scottish Government set out its plans for the remaining months until next year’s elections. Nicola Sturgeon promised to make education a priority and to tackle the inequality in education which affects children from the poorest households. A noble aspiration, but it’s easy to forget that the SNP has been in Government in Scotland for over 8 years, longer than Labour was in power. Let’s put aside the fact that when the SNP ran Renfrewshire Council they cut 255 teaching posts. Let’s take Nicola Sturgeon at her word. I’m willing to work with her and her MSP’s to make a difference here in Renfrewshire. The Labour led Council has already invested £3.2 million to help children in the poorest families overcome inequality. Until now Nicola Sturgeon refused to give any extra help to boost the education of Renfrewshire’s poorest children. She has now decided to give up to £400,000 in total to help 5 primaries, small beer compared to the Council’s £3.2 million. But the problem goes wider than 5 primaries. Why don’t all the Labour and SNP parliamentarians and councillors join up to campaign for the extra money needed to make a real difference? Let’s show some determination and ambition for all of Renfrewshire’s children.