17 Oct 2015


The leaves on the trees are changing and autumn is upon us. The nights are getting darker earlier and the colder weather is on the way so it is time for folk to check out if they qualify to have energy saving loft or wall insulation installed in their homes free of charge to get in touch with Home Energy Scotland. I caught up with staff from Ofgem when they visited the Scottish Parliament. The Ofgem E Serve staff administer the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) which places a legal obligation on Britain’s largest energy suppliers to install energy efficiency measures, such as loft and wall insulation to households in Renfrewshire South and across Scotland. I was pleased to hear that so many of my constituents have insulated their homes or installed new heating packages to heat their homes. ECO provides a real benefit to low income and vulnerable households right here in East Renfrewshire. If you think you might qualify for this scheme you can find out  through the Home Energy Scotland website or by calling 0808 808 2282 for more information.