14 Nov 2015

Jubilee House

Far too many women and children suffer violence and abuse in the home. It makes me sad and disgusted when I hear that there were 59,882 incidents of domestic violence recorded by the police in Scotland in 2014-15 - 79% were female victims and male perpetrator. This also shows domestic abuse is not just restricted to female victims and the overall figures could be much worse if you take into account unreported cases.  It is heartbreaking to listen to stories of physical violence, sexual assault, mental abuse and financial abuse. Jubilee House is a new charity that has been set up to help tackle this important issue and provide lasting support for women and children escaping domestic violence in Renfrewshire. The charity is still in the process of raising funds in order to renovate its first property but it hopes to soon provide emergency accommodation, counselling and help with moving forward. If you would like to get involved in the fundraising efforts please visit their Facebook page by searching for ‘Jubilee House’.