23 Dec 2015

Warm Homes Act

It’s an absolute disgrace that nearly one million homes in Scotland live in fuel poverty, including many people right here in Renfrewshire. More than half of all low-income families in Scotland are struggling with energy bills despite family members being in employment. That’s why I’m backing Labour’s commitment to a Warm Homes Act which would overhaul planning and building regulations, so Scots can take advantage of home-grown sustainable heating technologies and place a duty on landlords to improve properties and address fuel poverty. A Warm Homes Act would not only address fuel poverty but it would also create jobs and help tackle climate change. Access to energy is a basic human right – we need it to light and heat our homes. It’s unacceptable that rising costs mean families have to choose between eating or heating. Some energy suppliers are still accepting applications for the Warm Home Discount which is a scheme to help households who need it most. If you are eligible then the discount will offer you a rebate of £140 against your electricity bill. If you think you may be eligible I would urge you to contact your energy supplier to find out more.