13 Feb 2016

A sporting hat-trick

I was delighted to hear that sports fans in Barrhead, Neilston and other areas in East Renfrewshire will benefit from a cash boost of more than a million pounds from sportscotland . Our local kids will reap the benefits as the money will be used to encourage them to get active. East Renfrewshire Culture and Leisure Trust hope to get more youngsters to enjoy sport through their Active Schools programme as well as developing and supporting more Community Sport Hubs. They also plan to encourage more people to volunteer as sports coaches, an official, or to help run sports clubs and we know what an important role these people who give up their own time play in a child’s life. The Trust is doing a great job with loads of new developments like disability swimming lessons, a new gymnastics programme, more sports classes and I believe membership of the hubs is rising.  We all know the benefits of staying active so this is a winner as far as I’m concerned.