20 Feb 2016

It’s great to talk in Linwood

I was delighted to go along to Linwood Elderly Forum with my colleague, Paul O’Kane, who hopes to follow in my footsteps to represent the people of Renfrewshire South in the Scottish Parliament.  Paul, the Scottish Labour candidate for Renfrewshire South, was pleased to meet and listen to what my constituents had to say. Lots of great ideas were discussed and it was an opportunity to come together to tackle the issues of concern to more senior people in Linwood. Our older generation has a wealth of knowledge and experience so it’s important that we provide opportunities to hear their views on local and national issues and tap into this wisdom. Forums such as this one help to provide information, advice and support to elderly people. If this is something you or someone you know might benefit from, you can contact Carolyn Russell, Community Link Officer on 0141 618 5598 to find out more about the nine elderly forums in Renfrewshire.