17 Mar 2016

Get it on time

Leah Cranney with Hugh Henry MSP
Parkinson’s disease has been put in the spotlight a little more since comedy genius Billy Connolly was diagnosed with it. Some of the symptoms were clear in the most poignant moment of the National Television Awards when he made his way to the stage with slow, shuffling steps. It was also painfully clear from his stance and weakened left arm that Parkinson’s has him in its cruel grip like many thousands of others. So it was good to learn a little more about the condition when I met with representatives of Parkinson’s UK at the Scottish Parliament recently where they were putting their Get it on Time campaign in the spotlight. Medication is the main treatment for the disease so I was disappointed to discover that more often than not many patients get their medication at the wrong times. It can take weeks to stabilise someone’s symptoms and sadly some people never recover. If you would like help support this worthwhile campaign then please visit www.parkinsons.org.uk for more information.