26 Nov 2014

Committee MSP of the Year award


I was surprised and delighted to receive the award. It’s always nice to have your efforts recognised by others, although frankly I have just been doing my job. 

The Committees in the Scottish Parliament have a special significance. They are supposed to be where the detailed scrutiny of Government legislation takes place. The Committees should be holding the Government of the day to account for its actions and decisions. 

I think one of the factors which led to me winning were my comments, during a press conference on policing, that the SNP has been using its majority on every committee to tone down reports to avoid criticism of the SNP Government.

The Committees of the Scottish Parliament need to up their game and start challenging failures and weaknesses wherever they happen. MSP’s will be letting down the electorate if we don’t do our job properly.

 Herald Politician of the Year 2014 awards ceremony
 You can watch the ceremony here > http://herald-events.com/politicianawards/event-footage/