17 Nov 2014

Our SNP councillors need to stand up for Renfrewshire

Renfrewshire Council is currently consulting on some of their services being taken over and run by Renfrewshire Leisure – the management trust that runs sports and leisure services locally. When the SNP ran the Council, SNP councillors supported this policy and the Board of RL was even chaired by an SNP councillor. Now in opposition, SNP councillors say this is a bad idea. How can that be? The Council has to consider the move because it would make huge savings on VAT and non domestic rates. Without this, the Council would have to cut services and jobs even further. Remember, Renfrewshire Council receives one of the worst financial settlements in Scotland from the Scottish Government. If SNP councillors don’t want the transfer to go ahead they should push Nicola Sturgeon to provide more money to Renfrewshire. But the long and short of it, is that this is just hypocrisy. What was good enough for the SNP in power now apparently is the wrong thing to do. It’s time these councillors stood up for Renfrewshire rather than toeing the party line.