31 Aug 2015

Sort out the NHS

The SNP Government has been in power for over 8 years. So I was appalled to read in the Paisley Daily Express how 72 year old Adam Hunter had to wait 8 hours for an ambulance and a further 7 hours for treatment. Nicola Sturgeon needs to come up with an explanation. Earlier this year A&E at the RAH was in meltdown with patients having to wait up to 18 hours. A so called expert team was sent in to help sort things out so why are we still reading stories like this? Our hospital and ambulance staff are doing their best, but they are having to cope with the consequences of decisions being made by SNP ministers. At the same time we find that the SNP Government is allowing the Scottish NHS to double the numbers of NHS patients being sent to private health care at public expense. Nicola Sturgeon has repeatedly said she won’t privatise health care, so why is she allowing the use to double? We are spending over £37 million per year on private health care. SNP MSP’s, MP’s and councillors used to be vocal in opposition whenever a health problem popped up. Now not a word is heard from them. Surely our local elected representatives in Renfrewshire need to use their influence and speak out? Renfrewshire’s patients deserve better.