20 Nov 2015

Neilston War Memorial

Neilston finally has a war memorial to mark the sacrifice of local soldiers who died in the line of duty. The magnificent memorial is a fitting tribute to those who never came home, but have never been forgotten. It's sobering to think of so many casualties from such a small village. In particular the scale of loss in the First World War was staggering. The campaign for a memorial has been a long one. It wasn't to glorify war or death. Local villagers were determined that the sacrifice of soldiers from Neilston would not be forgotten and that the present generation would also have a constant reminder of the horrors of war and the constant need for peace and reconciliation. Local councillor Paul O'Kane was a driving force for a memorial along with Matt Drennan and other determined villagers. The fundraising touched every home in the village and received a huge boost from the sponsored walk to Flanders by cousins Jimmy Higgins and John McGuire from Phoenix Honda. It was a privilege to be part of the dedication service which was moving and touched every generation from the village.