19 Nov 2015

Scotch Whisky Action Fund

I am toasting a welcome move by the Scotch Whisky Association to plough cash into tackling the problem of alcohol abuse in a bid to reduce the harm it can cause to families all over the country. We know that excessive boozing can have a devastating effect on individuals and families and even result in death. So it’s good to see that the second round of cash aid from the SWA’s Action Fund will go to help fight alcohol misuse in a bid to reduce drink related problems across Scotland. The fund was set up by the SWA in 2013 as a mark of their commitment to helping projects on the ground that support young people, communities and families deal with the consequences of alcohol misuse. Up to £100,000 will be given each year to 2018 to support such projects. The Fund is managed by Foundation Scotland, an independent charity and if you’d like to know more visit www.scotch-whisky.org.uk .