27 Jan 2016

Stand up for the RAH

What is the Scottish Government doing to the RAH? A year ago patients were lying in trolleys in corridors at A&E for up to 18 hours. The Scottish Government promised no one would wait more than four hours. A crisis team was put in to sort things out. Problem solved? Not quite. The Paisley Daily Express recently reported that the Scottish Government waiting times promise of four hours is still being broken at the RAH. It has one of the worst records in the country. And it’s not the fault of our dedicated and hard working staff. I’ve seen at first hand how they are run off their feet and I’ve heard their frustration at what’s happening. The staff do a brilliant job. It’s the fault of the people who run the health service and the buck stops with Nicola Sturgeon. Both as Health Minister and First Minister she has been directly involved in planning, funding and running our NHS. Whenever people like me criticise failings, SNP politicians are quick to shout that we are running down the NHS and the staff. Not true. When feeble local politicians try to gloss over problems, someone has to stand up and be counted. The patients and staff deserve the best and we need to protest when the decision makers are letting down the RAH.