19 Nov 2014

Get it checked

Hugh gets his blood pressure checked by Seonaigh Paterson
from the Stroke Association

I know and have worked with people who have survived a stroke and gone on to lead a busy active life but not everyone is so lucky and it can be devastating. I have no doubt if they had known they had high blood pressure – often dubbed the silent killer because there are few symptoms - they would have taken action to get it under control with the help of the medical profession. Having your blood pressure checked regularly can greatly reduce the chance of having a stroke and is simple, quick and painless as I found out when I took part in the Stroke Association’s event at the Scottish Parliament. Strokes can be prevented by still each year in the UK 150,000 people fall victim to one. If you suspect someone is having a stroke then the ‘FAST’ checklist can help detect the signs and symptoms. It is easy to remember too - Facial weakness, Arm weakness, Speech difficulties and Time to call 999. If you’d like more information you can contact my office on 0141 848 7361 or you can visit www.stroke.org.uk