23 Jan 2015

RAH Crisis

Renfrewshire patients are suffering because of decisions made by Nicola Sturgeon and her SNP Government. I’ve had one constituent complain that he had to wait 20 hours on a trolley at A&E despite the Scottish Government’s promise of a maximum four hour wait. Another complained of a 17 ½ hours wait. Staff have contacted me to complain that they are stretched to the limit and they tell me the system is creaking at the seams. When Douglas Alexander MP publicly raised concerns, he was told by a local SNP politician that he was talking down the NHS and staff. How absurd! Staff are complaining to us. It’s our duty to highlight deficiencies. These particular problems are caused by Nicola Sturgeon’s decision to slash the number of hospital beds. She has also cut the money available for the care packages needed to support some patients when they leave hospital. As a result beds are being blocked by patients who are fit enough to go home. Nicola Sturgeon always likes to blame someone else when something goes wrong. Well this time it’s down to her. Sort this problem out now.