25 Mar 2015

Neilston War Memorial

Like the men they will honour with a unique monument the members of the hard working Neilston War Memorial Association never gave up the fight to raise enough money to build a lasting tribute to the men who lost their lives fighting for their country. It’s not been an easy road but then these things never are and as building begins everyone who has helped in any way can be proud of their efforts. After 100 years the young brave soldiers from the village who lost their lives in WW1 will get the honour they deserve. So too will those who lost their lives in WW2 and other conflicts since in the first memorial for the village. An incredible £68,000 has been raised. Credit should be given to those who have made this happen. Councillor Paul O’Kane and the NWMA have been at the forefront of the campaign. My old schoolmate Jimmy Higgins and his cousin John McGuire raised £20,000 on an epic trek from Neilston to Vimy Ridge in France where their grandfather was gassed - to raise funds. The Whitelee Windfarm Fund donated £5,000 and many locals organised various events to make every penny count. Congratulations to every single person who made this happen.