18 Aug 2015

Johnstone Town Centre

I want to give credit to SNP councillor, Andy Doig. He is nothing if not persistent. Councillor Doig is continuing his lonesome campaign for a one way traffic system for Johnstone Town Centre. This is despite the fact that local businesses are overwhelmingly opposed to his plan. Nor have I found any evidence of support amongst the local community for Councillor Doig’s scheme. I suppose I am being a bit unfair in describing Councillor Doig’s campaign as “lonesome”. He does after all, have the support of his SNP colleagues at Renfrewshire Council. I just can’t fathom why SNP councillors are so obsessed with trying to bring in an unwanted one way system. Johnstone’s town centre is doing well at the moment. Like other small town centres it does face challenging times, but Johnstone is doing better than many other towns. Local businesses have told me the last thing they need is major disruption. I know Councillor Derek Bibby and Councillor Chris Gilmour have been in regular contact with many local businesses. That’s the right thing to do. But this idea is not going away. Unless local businesses and local people make it clear to the SNP councillors that this is not wanted, it will come back again.